What is IoT ?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, essentially it’s a phrase used to describe the new generation of “smart” internet connected devices (fridges, toasters, CCTV). Although a lot of IoT devices don’t need to, and most definitely shouldn’t, be connected to the internet, user insist on putting them online without changing the default password provided by the manufacture making them easy pickings for hacker. Is your CCTV or Webcam Watching You ? Are your devices adding to the increasing numbers of the botnet zombie army ? ———— Need help ———–Contact Greg at admin@rs2pc.com———— Some IoT devices are very useful. Being able to chat to a voice assistant like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa and asking it to turn on the lights or turn on the stove can be useful when your hands are occupied. But there are countless single-purpose internet-connected devices that really overcomplicate relatively simple processes, like IoT crock pots, Bluetooth soccer balls, and internet-connected toilets. Just because we can connect something to the internet doesn’t mean we really should, and even when we do, it doesn’t always work as advertised. Perhaps not every aspect of suburban life needs to be disrupted.


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